Khamis, 17 Jun 2010

A Square Coke is A Greener Coke~~


This packaging design by Andrew Seunghyun Kim for Coca Cola bottles is a bold and something that Coca Cola should definitely consider doing. The new bottle design is 100% eco-friendly. It's slick, futuristic and vastly different from Coca Cola's packaging which would be the reason they wouldn't pick this up.

The cap is 25% slimmer that the current 20oz bottles and 27% more eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the footprint. This design is 65% more collapsible than the current bottle encouraging more recycling due to ease in transport. Environmentally conscious people can easily collapse the bottle, carry it around until the can recycle.

The design is brilliant. The bottle looks futuristic, stylish and luxurious. Packaging is extremely important to brand so this would be a giant step if Coca Cola considered this. However, it would be a step in the right direction and with some heavy marketing Coca Cola can use this to position their product and company as 100%. I would be more loyal to Coca Cola for that simple fact.

What are your thoughts on this new packaging design. The more buzz it gets, the more people talk, the greater chances it reaches Coca Cola's radar. Is it possible we can see such great change in their packaging?

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2 ulasan:

  1. Aku ttarik ngn pic yg first.
    Tp die jd kecik then xleyh nak besar dah kan pastu?
    Terus kena hntr tmpt recycle.
    I hope there will some party yg akan invent botol yg bley dikecikkn bile x nak pakai.
    Bile nak isi air,die akan mbesar ikut isipadu air tu.
    Kira mcm elastik la

  2. dats right some space la kan ..... masyuk gak idea itu...


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